Signity is a solution for helping the easiest way for advertising and broadcasting. Signity is the right choice for both broadcasters and advertiser. Signity has 4 main products which are each of them very reliable, easy to use, easy to maintain, and most of all is affordable specially for both advertiser and broadcasters.

Signity DSS (Digital Signage System) is a digital display which can be viewed by LCD, TV PLASMA, LED. Digital Signage is very informative and can be used for places such as entertainments, trading, and advertisements and so on. All display is live and can be controlled real time. With this type of technology we can always show all the latest news or information in a second. The given information and message can be pictures, videos, scrolling texts.

Signity Play, A turnkey system solution that can be used to help the broadcasters. It is a very reliable system to play all kind of clips as contents that all the people watched on their home. Scheduler is also provided in this turkey system, where we make our own schedule for playout as well as automation system.

Signity CG,This is just like Signity Play. Its applications is for channel branding system. It applies to show block title such as text or graphics for presenter names, movie title, credit title, news, promotion, and many more.

Signity Ads, use in broadcast system for commercials. There are allows cable headends and broadcast affiliates to insert locally-generated commercials and short programs into remotely distributed regional programs before they are delivered to home viewers.